We understand that when you totally change the game on how premium domains are sold, leased, or used on the internet that there may be a few questions.

This list is updated periodically. If you have a question that isn't here - email us @ info@dynadomains.co

What is DynaDomains?

Dynadomains is an online service that seamlessly plugs into the world's existing internet architecture. DynaDomains acts as a premium domain redirect service so that domains that are normally way out of you budget are now within your relevant geographic area for a very low monthly cost.

How do I use DynaDomains?

This is easy. First, you can register for a free account on https://app.dynadomains.co/register. From here you can onboard a domain that you want to make money on OR you can buy a leasing zone for a domain for a low monthly cost. Using DynaDomains is totally autonomous - just draw a leasing zone for a domain and we handle the rest automatically.

Do you own my domain?

As a domain owner - your domain is your prized real estate. We never take control of your domain at all. DynaDomains only asks that you put in a simple addition wherever you host your domain.

You must meet the following criteria to have your domain added to DynaDomains.

  • Domain must not expire for 6 months
  • Domain must have set name servers
  • Domain must not point to any existing web service
  • You must own this domain

How does this make me money?

Each redirect a user pays for on DynaDomains you make a commission on monthly! Each domain is negotiated quickly for a millage rate as well as the commission.

Typically, as a domain owner, you never will get less than 60% commission on a domain!

What about selling the domain?

DynaDomains wants you to sell your domain. As a domain owner, we provide leads for domain sales as well as facilitate the sale of the domain on the DynaDomains platform for a low commission percentage.

Any redirects that are not in a DynaDomains redirect zone get routed to a sale page that you can define OR you can let us handle it for free - generating you leads!

How do I get paid?

When you register we ask for a valid PayPal email. Monthly, you are paid out via PayPal to that PayPal address.

I have a lot of domains I want to onboard!

Great! We support bulk uploads. First, you must have a free DynaDomains account. Once you do email support @ info@dynadomains.co with a list of the domains you wish to onboard! We handle the rest!

How do I pay for a redirect zone?

First, you must have an active (free) DynaDomains account.

Once you are logged in - click the "Create new redirect zone". You will be shown a list of domains that are available and their cost. Complete each step as you proceed through the process.

At the end, we take a simple Credit card payment that is billed monthly. You can cancel anytime. We use Stripe as our payment processor.

Failed recurring payments will result in your domain zone being released.

Can I make a redirect for the entire world?

YES! DynaDomains does not prevent you from being able to rent a domain for the entire world. We facilitate the owner and the lessee from being able to do this for a low monthly rate!

How do I contact DynaDomains?

Use the email below for Support, Media, bulk onboard requests, etc...


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